The Centre’s programmes are guided by the strategic objectives of the Gauteng Department of Education, in particular the goal to
"enable young people to make the transition from school to further education and/or work that provides further training opportunities."


In order to achieve our goals and to assist you on your career journey, we have:


  • a modern and fully equipped walk-in client contact service centre with experienced career development facilitators who can help you:


  • by showing you how to access learning opportunities or apply for bursaries, learner ships and apprenticeships
  • by offering you career advice and guidance based on
    current information
  • by sharing with you our computer based one on one
    Career Research Support complete application
    documentation for further or higher education

  • a professional psychological services team comprising of registered Education Psychologist, a Psychometrist and a Counsellor. This team has additional capacity of 4 -6 staff to handle most career related needs and is able to refer presenting barriers for appropriate intervention, to another suitably qualified professional.


  • a qualified, able and responsive career education Outreach team that is able to deliver career development services at a community level


  • a qualified, able and proactive career education Inreach team that delivers programmes in support of the Life Orientation curriculum to enhance the teaching and learning programmes in place.



An annual programme is offered to learners/youth/clients (school and post school) across Gauteng and includes professional career development support services like:

  • Career Assessment, Career Guidance and Counseling

    Group and/individual sessions can be booked via or call us on

    011 639 8450/8476/8479.

  • Life skills development and Career
    Education Workshops

    These development and education workshops are aimed on school grades from Grade7 to Grade12.


  • industry tours

    We are the interface between Industry and Education and organise chaperoned tours to industry within Gauteng. These tours provide learners with hands-on experience of daily work environments and processes. To expose learners to entrepreneurship and learning opportunities over a wider industry range, you can also find us exhibiting at exciting and major trade shows around Gauteng at NASREC and Gallagher Convention Centre. We ensure that we brief youth holistically on how to take advantage of this opportunity and debrief them to ensure that they know how to follow through from the experience.